Expired Home to SOLD Home

It is every home seller's worse nightmare.  After weeks and months on the market their home is not sold.  In some cases the broker has failed to deliver on promises made during the listing presentation.  In some cases the seller faithfully trusted a broker based upon a referral from a friend or neighbor.  In other cases the seller assumed all real estate brokers are about the same and do the same thing to market a home.  In other cases the seller felt obligated to list their home with a friend or relative.  In every case the seller is frustrated and looking for answers.

After suffering through the painful experience of a failed marketing effort it is critical for a seller to select their next broker based upon a proven track record of marketing and selling homes other brokers failed to sell.   Successfully marketing and selling a home that has been on the market in the past requires a unique marketing plan.  Buyers and brokers will see the listing history of the home and be naturally curious and perhaps suspicious as to why the home did not sell in the past.  It is critical the seller select a broker with a plan to give the home a fresh, powerful start in the marketplace.  

The Tom Gross Team has a proven plan and strategy to market and sell "expired listings".  In the past two years the Tom Gross Team has successfully sold 16 homes that had been on the market in recent past but had not sold.   Below is a sampling of "expired listings" the Tom Gross Team sold for full value in a minimum amount of time.

11592 Bell Cross Circle, Parker
Sold Price -  $1,265,000 | Sold Date - 5/1/2018
Days on Market - 6

7001 Weaver Circle, Castle Rock
Sold Price - $675,000 | Sold Date - 3/20/2018
Days on Market - 4

10284 Hunterwood Way, Highlands Ranch
Sold Price - $452,000 | Sold Date - 2/20/2018
Days on Market - 6

3435 S. Ash Street, Denver
Sold Price - $443,000 | Sold Date - 11/10/2017
Days on Market - 64

6523 Tapadero Place, Castle Pines
Sold Price $750,000 | Sold Date - 10/21/2017
Days on Market - 27

10187 Blue Blood Place, Littleton
Sold Price - $1,148,500 | Sold Date - 4/18/2017
Days on Market - 16

1411 E. 16th Avenue, Denver
Sold Price - $507,000 | Sold Date - 11/18/2016
Days on Market - 6

5631 S. Kittredge Lane, Centennial
Sold Price - $437,500 | Sold Date - 11/4/2016
Days on Market - 14

7941 Burning Tree Drive, Franktown
Sold Price - $785,000 | Sold Date - 8/26/2016
Days on Market - 30

16056 E. Summit Fox Avenue, Parker
Sold Price - $520,000 | Sold Date - 7/15/2016
Days on Market - 4

8588 W. Quarles Place, Littleton
Sold Price - $446,000 | Sold Date 5/26/2016
Days on Market - 29

6511 Village Road, Parker
List Price $825,000
Currently Listed

Do not abandon your plans to sell.  We will develop a unique marketing plan to highlight the unique selling features of your home.  Our marketing plan will generate maximum value in minimum time.

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