Professional Staging

HGTV defines Professional Staging as - 

"Highlight your home's strengths, downplay its weaknesses and appeal to the greatest possible pool of prospective buyers with these home-staging tips."


Recap from Home Staging Resource:
  1. You will make a lot more money – In a 2014 survey of over 3500 homes professionally staged, over 50% sold for 10% MORE than their unstaged neighbor’s home!
  2. The cost of staging …. Not a dime – The Tom Gross Team offers complimentary occupied staging for every client!  Part of our White Glove Service.
  3. Your house will sell faster – In a recent Real Estate Staging Association Survey, professionally staged homes spent 72% LESS time on the market.
  4. Buyers can visualize themselves living there – In a 2017 National Association Realtor Survey, over 77% of Buyers find it easier to visualize the STAGED property as their next home.
  5. Online property photos will stand out – According to NAR, over 95% of buyers are online FIRST looking at photos of the home BEFORE they go visit or call an agent and 50% of home buyers found their home on line.
  6. Home sellers have a difficult time viewing their home objectively as a buyer – If you can’t view objectively, you can’t package effectively.  According to Forbes, it is very difficult for a seller to be objective about their home and view it as a potential home buyer.
  7. Your home’s “FLAWS” can be overlooked – According to NAR, almost a third of home buyers will “overlook” property faults when a home is professionally staged.
  8. You can relax – You will have the satisfaction of knowing you have done everything possible to get a quick sale and not leave money on the table. 
  9. Experienced Realtors consider staging a critical necessity – According to a 2014 Zillow survey of real estate experts, home staging was listed as a TOP TWO necessary item for sellers. 
  10. Not staging will only help sell the competition – Competition can be stiff and home buyers have very high expectations.  Successful Realtors know one of the keys to competing is professional staging because it creates great online presentations, drives buyer traffic to the home and brings offers.

People often confuse decorating with staging. The simplest way to think of the difference is decorating reflects your personal style and taste and staging is about making the home appealing to the greatest number of buyers as possible.  
We provide a complimentary consultation with our certified professional Stagers, Rosie and Carol with DOTS Staging.   They will work with you and items in your home to enhance the visual and emotional appeal of your property so that it stands out from the competition and sells quickly for top dollar. 
If you are thinking about listing and you want to stand out from the competition give me, Tom Gross, a call at 303-591-2116.