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24 Questions to Help You in Choosing the Best Realtor to Sell Your Home

Tom Gross, CRS, ABR

Real Estate has always been my passion...

Real Estate has always been my passion...

Feb 6 4 minutes read

The selection of a Realtor to represent you in the sale your home will have a direct impact on the final sale price for your home as well as your home selling experience.  Selling a home and moving is a stressful process.   It is important to take the time to select a Realtor who will make the process as easy and profitable as possible.  The following questions will help you when interviewing Realtors for the responsibility of marketing and selling your home.

  1. How long have you been a Realtor?  How long in the Denver Metro Area?
    Minimum of five years as a Realtor in the Denver Metro area.
  2. What percentage of your clients are home sellers?
    60% or more are home sellers
  3. How many home sellers did you successfully assist in the past year?
    25 or more home sellers
  4. What is your average days on market for your listings in the past year?
    20 days or less in the Denver area market
  5. What is your average sold/list price percentage in the past year?
    97% or more
  6. How many expired or cancelled listings did you have in the past year?
    2 or less
  7. What percentage of your clients are repeat clients or referrals?
    30 – 40% is recommended
  8. What areas in Denver Metro do you service?
    Recent sales should include your area
  9. How will you communicate with me?
    Text, e-mail, phone – based upon your preference
  10. What is your availability to respond to offers and inquiries on my home?
    Available seven days per week including evenings with Team support.
  11. Do you have a support team?  If so, will I be working with you directly or with a team member?
    Team support is critical.  However, your Realtor should remain your main point of contact.
  12. Do you have a comprehensive written marketing plan to sell my home?
    Your Realtor should have a comprehensive written marketing plan.
  13. How will you schedule showings for my home?
    In-house showing desk will contact you based upon your preferences.
  14. What type of lock box do you provide?
    Electronic lockbox for enhanced security.
  15. How will you gather and provide feedback on the showings for my home?
    Gathered by e-mail or phone.  Feedback sent directly to you without alteration.
  16. Can you share recent references?
    Yes from the past year.  Be cautious of old references.
  17. How many other home sellers are you representing now?
    4-12 is a good range. Over 12 listings & you will be communicating primarily with the Team.
  18. Are you a Realtor?
    Yes.  Realtors must abide by a Code of Ethics.
  19. Is your Realtor license in good standing? Any past violations or discipline actions with the Colorado Real Estate Commission?
    Yes.  Be cautious of past violations or discipline actions.  You can search the license history of the Realtor at the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies Department of Real Estate website.
  20. How do you verify the home buyer’s qualifications? Do you have preferred mortgage lenders?
    Your Realtor should contact the lender directly with a list of specific questions to verify the strength and validity of the lender letter.  Preferred lenders are helpful as an alternative to the home buyer’s lender.
  21. What will it cost me to sell my home? What are your fees?
    Confirm the selling commission and any additional marketing and closing fees.
  22. Do you have a performance guarantee?  What happens if I am dissatisfied?
    Yes.  Verify ability to terminate the listing if the Realtor fails to perform their marketing plan.
  23. Do you have preferred contractors to assist with inspection resolution issues for my home?
    Yes. Preferred contractors are critical in resolving home inspection issues
  24. Will you attend closing with me?
    Yes.  The Realtor is responsible for the closing and should be in attendance.

I hope these questions help you in choosing the best Realtor to sell your home.  If you have any comments or questions please contact me at 303-591-2116.

Thank You

Tom Gross

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